Lessons are available Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday evenings
banjo, bass, fiddle, dulcimer (hammered & mountain), guitar {basically any stringed instrument}


I teach music to students of ALL ages. Students are taught aurally (by ear). Simple tunes and chords are reinforced in the beginning. Embellishments and complicated pieces are introduced as the student progresses. Most students leave each lesson with a song they have learned.

In 1980, Dick Waterbury contacted me and asked if I could teach him to play the hammered dulcimer. He found my name listed in the roster at the Old Town School of Music, Chicago. I had taught my daughter, Monica, to play several years prior. I told him "I don't read music, and you will have to learn by ear." We both agreed we would give it a try. Another challenge was that he is left-handed. We conquered all, and he is an excellent player.

Over forty years later, I am still teaching and have expanded to three evenings a week. The joy of seeing students smile with a sense of pleasure and accomplishment when they learn a tune is incredibly rewarding.

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Students range in ages. George Robertson began taking lessons at 76 years and achieved playing the dulcimer and composing a song for his nephew entitled Robbie's Waltz. He taught many children to play as well. George passed away in 2002, but his memory lives on with his contributions made to music and the lives he touched. Bill wrote the song "Steppin' Out With George" in his memory

I wish I could mention each and every student that has come through our front door. Whether you are performing for an audience or playing in your living room, you are all a joy to teach.

Recognized Students of Bill Robinson

Together with his students, Bill Robinson has earned a total of 9 Master/Apprentice Grants through the Illinois Arts Council. He has played an important role in promoting the hammered dulcimer and it's music throughout the mid-west and has introduced several of the countries top young players to the instrument.

Bill teaches students how to play the dulcimer, of course. But he also aims to teach his students how to be good musicians and he strives to expose students to performance opportunities, where they learn how to share their music through experience.

Two students, Katie Moritz & Alison Coyer have both completed apprenticeships with Bill have gone on to earn regional and national recognition for their accomplishments on the hammered dulcimer.

Bill, Katie, Alison, Greg

Bill, Katie, Alison, Greg

Katie Moritz

Katie began studying hammered dulcimer music with Bill Robinson in March, 2006.  Having a background playing music since early childhood, and a knack for learning music by ear, she excelled with Bill's aural teaching style. Her interest in the hammered dulcimer led her to study music with a focus in percussion, and earn an AFA Degree in Music Performance. Katie's recognitions on the dulcimer include:

2014 - Master/Apprentice Recipient - Illinois Arts Council

2013 - 1st Place National Hammered Dulcimer Champion

2013 - Master/Apprentice Recipient - Illinois Arts Council

2011 - 1st Place Souther Regional Hammered Dulcimer Champion

2010 - 1st Place Mid-Eastern Regional Hammered Dulcimer Champion

2010 - Finalist - National Hammered Dulcimer Championships

2010 - Waubonsee Featured Student & Music Scholarship Recipient

Katie continues to play and share hammered dulcimer music.  Visit her website at:

Alison Coyer

Alison Coyer took interest in the dulcimer after attending a dulcimer sampler concert in Harding, Illinois. At age 11, she began playing the mountain dulcimer. In 2005, at age 12, she began playing hammered dulcimer and upon showing exceptional raw talent, she was awarded a Master/Apprentice Grant in late 2006, allowing her to study with Bill Robinson.  Today Alison keeps busy playing at fairs, festivals, and other events throughout the state of Illinois.  Her recognitions on the dulcimer include:

2009 - 3rd Place - National Hammered Dulcimer Championships

2008 - Master/Apprentice Recipient - Illinois Arts Council

2007 - Master/Apprentice Recipient - Illinois Arts Council

2005 - Scholarship Recipient to Western Carolina Mountain Dulcimer Week

2004 - Scholarship Recipient to Western Carolina Mountain Dulcimer Week

Visit Alison's Website at: