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Down on the Farm

This Hammered Dulcimer recording is a mix of bluegrass and traditional with hints of many other styles including ragtime and dixieland, all played Bill Robinson style! 

Price: $15

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1. Down on the Farm
2. Think of Me
3. Tennessee Waltz - Amazing Grace - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
4. Rocky Top
5. Beaumont Rag
6. Florida Blues
7. Angels We Have Heard On High
8. Son Shine
9. America The Beautiful - Battle Hymn of the Republic - Dixie
10. Stepstone
11. Archie Menzie's Reel
12. Simple Gifts - Bells of St. Mary
13. 12th Street Rag


All Original

The songs on this CD are original tunes with special meaning and stories related to each one, which is noted on the tray card of the CD. (All songs composed by Bill Robinson except Nathanial's Waltz by Ed Cosner)

Price: $15

1. Festival Rag
2. Robinson Hornpipe
3. Rossie's Jig
4. No Name Waltz
5. Jim Whitehead Special
6. The Savannah Shuffle
7. Louie's Back in Town
8. Beardstown Bound
9. Bill's Warm-Up
10. Monica's Favorite
11. Nathanial's Waltz
12. Bucher Reel
13. 59 String Stomp

Carryin' On the Tradition 2

This CD is great for listening AND learning.  It features dulcimer playing by Bill Robinson and several of his students.  Following 10 tracks of music for listening are tutorial tracks where Bill give step-by-step instructions for learning each tune on the CD.

Price: $15

1. Barb's Bargain Hunt - Bill Robinson
2. Lamp Lighting Time in the Valley - Alison Coyer
3. Chuckles - Monica Robinson-Klein
4. Road to Hana - Katie Moritz
5. Old Saw Mill Road - Alison Coyer
6. Ann E - Ann Robinson
7. Lone Star Festival - Katie Moritz
8. Spread the Joy - Diane Waschow
9. Ookpik Waltz - Monica Robinson-Klein
10. Shenandoah/The Call the Wind Mariah - Bill Robinson

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Price: $15

1. Away in a Manger
2. We Three Kings
3. O Holy Night
4. Silent Night
5. White Christmas
6. What Child is This
7. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
8. Christmas Time’s a Comin’
9. Jingle Bell Rock
10. Blue Christmas
11. Winter Wonderland
12. O Christmas Tree
13. Silver Bells
14. We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Most Requested

The songs on this CD are the ones that you, our audiences have requested most often during our performances.

Price: $15


1. Deputy Dalton
2. Old Spinning Wheel In The Parlor
3. Just A Melody
4. Spanish Eyes
5. Westphalia Waltz
6. Macamoyles Reel
7. Home Sweet Home
8. Dreamer's Waltz
9. Ghost Riders In The Sky
10. America The Beautiful
11. Lay It On The Line
12. Wheels
13. How Great Thou Art
14. Listen To The Mocking Bird

From Gebhard, We're Headin' to Evart

This CD was recorded for my 16th year at the Gebhard Woods Dulcimer Festival. At the close of the festival, we pack up and we're Headin' to Evart (Michigan) for the ODPC Funfest. I composed a tune for them entitled Headin' to Evart.

Price: $15

1. Headin' To Evart 
2. Dulcimer Dancing 
3. Dreamin' In 3/4 Time
4. Billy In The Low Ground / Stone's Rag
5. Capri Waltz / Midnight On the Water
6. Off She Goes
7. Where The Mountain Laurel Blooms
8. Remembering Gabby
9. Crazy
10. Hold Fast To The Right
11. McHattie's Waltz
12. Tennessee Trip
13. Rebecca
14. Steppin' Out With George

Bill Robinson & Friends - Volumes 1 & 2

The songs on both of the CD's are recorded on my grandmother's antique dulcimer.

Price: $20

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1. Jim Whitehead Special
2. Old Spinning Wheel
3. Skye Boat Song
4. Never on a Sunday
5. 59 String Stomp
6. Liberty
7. Sherman's March
8. Hound Dog Ramble
9. Scotland the Brave
10. The World is Waiting for the Sunrise
11. Yes Sir, That's My Baby
12. Somewhere My Love
13. Slippin' the Strings
14. Merry Widow Waltz
15. Deputy Dalton
16. Fisher's Hornpipe
17. Irish Washer Woman
18. Bell's of St. Mary's
19. Walkin In My Sleep


1. Bill's Warm-Up
2. Blue Ridge Mountain Blues
3. Lady of Spain
4. I bought a Rock
5. Capri Waltz
6. Rossie's Jig
7. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
8. Workin' in the Railroad
9. Buffalo Gals
10. Arkansas Traveler
11. Turkey in the Straw
12. Girl from the North Country
13. Dance With Me Sally
14. Peaches & Cream
15. Two Little Blue Little Shoes
16. Spanish Eyes
17. O' Solo Mio!
18. Mississippi Waltz
19. Down in the Valley

Strollin' By The Fox

In appreciation for the beauty of the Fox Valley area, where my wife, Ann, and I have resided for more than 25 years, I dedicate the title and the first song. The picture on the CD was taken at Island Park, Geneva, Illinois on Labor Day during the Fox Valley Folk Festival.

Price: $15


1. Strollin' By The Fox
2. Black & White Rag
3. Once More
4. Watson's Blues
5. Day Dreaming
6. Berlin Waltz
7. Lover's Concerto
8. Moonlight In Montana
9. You Are The One
10. Help Me Make It Through 11. The Night
12. Slippin' The Strings
13. For The Good Times
14. Until Then
15. Whiskey Before Breakfast


Paul & Bill - Strictly Traditional

Sit in on a tune exchange between two great Hammered Dulcimer players!

Paul Van Arsdale and Bill teamed up to record this double disk set of old favorites handed down to them through generations. The tunes are accompanied by short comentary from Paul & Bill

Price: $20

Disk 1

1. Shenandoah & Mariah
2. Hudson Bay Breakdown
3. Bucher Reel
4. Rebecca
5. Just Because
6. Soldiers Joy
7. No Name Waltz
8. Captain Jinks
9. D & A Reel
10. You Are My Sunshine
11. Yes Sir, That's My Baby
12. Hickory Hill
13. Tommy Sullivan's Hornpipe
14. Whistling Rufus

Disk 2

1. Green Corn
2. My Love is But a Lassie
3. McRobinson's
4. Swedish Waltz
5. Monica's Favorite
6. Crooked Capers
7. Quit Kickin' My Dog
8. Happy Acre 2 Step
9. Blue Bells & Bluegrass
10. College Hornpipe
11. Rubber Dolly
12. Fox in the Hen House
13. Boil em' Cabbage
14. Liberty 2 Step

Bill Robinson's Tunebook

This book features sheet music of over 20 tunes composed by Bill Robinson. Included are pictures and written excerpts about the history of each tune. A CD recording of each tune played exactly as written on piano is also included.

Price: $25

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1. Beardstown Bound
2. 59 String Stomp
3. Monica's Favorite
4. No Name Waltz
5. Jim Whitehead Special
6. Louie's Back in Town
7. Bill's Warm-Up
8. Rossie's Jig
9. Robinson Hornpipe
10. Festival Rag
11. Bucher Reel
12. Savannah Shuffle
13. Son-Shine
14. Daydreaming
15. Steppin' Out with George
16. Dulcimer Dancing
17. Strollin' by the Fox
18. Headin' to Evart
19. Think of Me
20. Barb's Bargain Hunt
21. Lone Star Festival 2008
22. Spread the Joy
23. Chuckles
24. Ann E.
25. Old Saw Mill Road
26. Road to Hana
27. Katie Did the Blues

Bill Robinson "Floppy" Hammers - By Jerry

Jerry Robinson crafts these signature hammers from corset stays. Bill's grandmother played with this style of hammer and passed the tradition on.

Price: $25