Bill's Latest & Greatest - 2015 CD Release

In over 50 years of performing, one of the most common requests Bill Robinson has gotten is, “Do you have an album with just dulcimer music?”  This recording is a response to that request; It is simply hammered dulcimer.  Accompanying Bill is his cousin Marvin Robinson (bass), and his long time musical partner, Greg Ferguson (guitar).  All 16 tunes are original compositions by Bill. Many of them have never been recorded by him and several are all-time crowd favorites that haven’t ever been heard quite like this!

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Listen to a few of the tracks below!

Track List

  1. Festival Rag
  2. Steppin’ Out With George
  3. St. Charles Dulcimer Blues
  4. Okey Dokey
  5. Chuckles
  6. Jim Whitehead Special
  7. Spread the Joy
  8. Lone Star
  9. Katie did the Blues
  10. Knee Deep in Snow
  11. Old Saw Mill Road
  12. Road to Hana
  13. Louie’s Back in Town
  14. Ann E
  15. Cold Winter Night
  16. Grace

Posted on June 30, 2015 .